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Calm Kit

Calm Kit

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This bundle includes 3 of our best selling products and a new release! 

Taming Turmeric Facial Bar: turmeric, shea butter, herb infused oils and orange EO this bar helps soothe inflammation from acne and fade the aftermath of dark marks

Detox Luxury Soap: castor oil, shea butter, aloe, cocoa butter, turmeric and activated charcoal all together in one moisturizing natural soap

Taming Turmeric Body Rub: exfoliate dry skin with this all natural scrub, a mix of cane sugar, butters and oil that leave behind soft, supple, kissable skin

Serenity Body Wash (Paraben and Sulfate Free): made with the key ingredients turmeric and basil to reduce inflammation caused by body acne and help fade away acne scars