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About Us

Welcome Kings and Queens,
My name is Victoria and I am a single mother raising a young King. Over the last year I have been paying close attention to what we are putting in and on our bodies. This is very important to me because we only get one life and one body to take us on our many adventures. Since starting this journey I have discovered that many over the counter hygiene products are bogged down by chemicals, detergents and irritants.  I decided I wanted to transition to natural products for my family which are not as easily accessible as the other products. Realizing that, I figured I would create my own products that are custom to my families needs and the needs of many others. At Goldkissed Essentials we offer all natural products tailored to your skincare needs. Our products don't just clean and hydrate they also clear acne, reduce the appearance of scars/ blemishes, slow the signs of aging and gives your skin a brand new glow. Not to mention they smell great! Try our products today, home made with ingredients from the Earth and lots of love.